Where is EMF Used?

The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) seems to be used everywhere and by everyone.   IMHO, most people don’t appreciate how pervasive EMF usage is for managing data models.

Therefore, in partnership with DZone we are running an ‘EMF Sightings’ competition.  If you are using EMF,  tell us how you are using it and what applications you have built with it.  The ideal submission will include links and pictures of the application.

DZone just published a new EMF Reference Card and a review of the just release EMF book.   Leave your EMF Sighting as a comment to either of these two post.  We will randonly draw winners from these entries and the winner will receive a copy of the EMF book or an Eclipse shirt.

2 Responses to Where is EMF Used?

  1. Michael Scharf says:

    A link to ‘EMF Sightings’ would be helpful. Or how and where to submit the ‘EMF Sightings’ ?

  2. Ed Merks says:

    Clearly “Leave your EMF Sighting as a comment to either of these two post.” isn’t clear. 😛

    I know Michael has done a lot of cool things with EMF. Post often, it improves the odds!!

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