Open Source Project Releases in 2009

Esther Schindler from CIO Magazine is doing a feature on anticipated Open Source Project releases in 2009.  Of course Eclipse Galileo will be highly anticipated but what other releases (Eclipse related or other open source projects) will be important in 2009.  Leave a comment about which release and why.  I will forward the responses to CIO Magazine.

btw, responses need to come in by Thursday Jan 8, end of day.

3 thoughts on “Open Source Project Releases in 2009

  1. Eclipse Mylyn

    Developers are anticipating the Galileo release of Eclipse Mylyn in 2009. Mylyn is a task-focused interface for Eclipse that shows developers only the source code that is relevant for the current task. This speeds development by reducing information overload and facilitating multi-tasking. A growing number of developers are taking advantage of Mylyn’s productivity benefits and there are now dozens of integrations enabling Mylyn to access and provide rich and offline editing for team bug and issue trackers such as Bugzilla and JIRA.

    The Galileo release of Eclipse Mylyn will enable even wider adoption of the task-focused programming paradigm by simplifying development, discovery and installation of vendor-specific integrations required to integrate tasks with Eclipse. The Mylyn project will also be leading an effort to create an open web service standard, allowing compliant task management systems to interoperate and integrate with development environments. In addition, the new Mylyn WikiText component will add support for seamless integration with wiki-based documentation and collaboration.

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