Recap of Eclipse Banking Day

The Eclipse Banking Day in NYC finished up as a great success.  We had approximately 75 people in attendance; representing 14 different financial institutions and 10 ISVs that target the financial industry.  I really enjoyed the format of having presenters from the Eclipse and banking community talking about what is possible with Eclipse and banking.

I particularly enjoyed the speakers from the banking community.   I hope to have the presentations posted over the next couple of days on the wiki.  [Update: Most presentations are now posted. ]  Some highlights:

– Morgan Stanley is doing some amazing stuff with their MODeX solution.   They are creating some advanced model driven techniques for their financial institution.  UBS also did a short presentation on their use of EMF for modeling their applications.

J.P. Morgan and RBC Capital Market each presented their respective Eclipse RCP integration platforms.  What really struck me was how both organizations were using open source development techniques within their internal development organizations.

– Two ISVs presented their RCP based products: 1) Fidelity National Information Systems has an teller application based on RCP, and 2) Marketcetera has an open source trading platform that has an RCP based GUI front-end.   Nice to see.

Thanks to everyone who attended and spoke.  Special thanks to Actuate and Sybase for being sponsors and Morgan Stanley for hosting the event.   Lets hope this is the start of a banking community at Eclipse.

[Update:  Check out Ed Merks excellent summary of the event.]

btw, we have tentatively set a date of February 12 for an Eclipse Banking day in London.  I hope to have more details next week.

6 thoughts on “Recap of Eclipse Banking Day

  1. Ian,
    Thanks for including us in the proceedings; it was a great conference. I enjoyed presenting, and hopefully people found it interesting.

    Marketcetera, Inc.

  2. Steve,

    I hope to have more details by the end of next week. If you want send me an e-mail and I will send you the details once they are ready. IanSkerrettATeclipseDotorg. I will also blog about the event once it is announced.

  3. Very cool to see Eclipse make more headway in an industry that, while certainly taking its lumps right now, continues to focus on important stuff.

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