First Eclipse European Members’ Meeting

On Monday at Eclipse Summit Europe we held the first Eclipse European Members’ Meeting.  I have posted some of the presentation slides on the meeting agenda.  (I will post more when I have time)

Three presentations really caught my attention:

1. Karsten Schmidt did a great job telling the SAP Eclipse story, chronicling how SAP has become involved in Eclipse.  What I found particularly interesting were the slides describing why SAP chose Equinox for their future version of their server.

2. Hans-Christian Broxman did a great job introducing the concepts and motivation for the new Eclipse SMILA project.  SMILA has the potential to be one of the Eclipse projects that can take Eclipse and in particular Equinox into a new industry.  Interesting stuff.

3. Martin Oberhuber has certainly re-energized the Eclipse Architecture Council and his AC update is a good summary of what they are doing.  It is just great to see this level of activity from the Architecture Council.

Thanks to everyone that presented and attended.  I look forward to doing this again next year.

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