Thank you Adobe!

As many know, Adobe is a great supporter of Eclipse by the fact that their FlexBuilder product and soon to come Thermo product are built on Eclipse.  Having them use Eclipse for these products is a great endorsement of Eclipse as a universal tool platform.

Therefore, it is great to see Adobe contributing 6 full translation packages for Eclipse 3.4, including translations for French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Korean.  What a great way to inject value into the Babel project. I am sure out global Eclipse community will appreciate their contribution.

Thank you Adobe!

3 thoughts on “Thank you Adobe!

  1. We can also thank them for supporting the Mac OS X Cocoa port ( courtesy of Scott Kovatch who is now an Adobe employee and is being sponsored to help get Mac OS X SWT onto the newer Cocoa frameworks rather than the older Carbon frameworks. It’s even made its debut into milestone builds (; hopefully it will be available before 3.5 goes gold as an alternative environment. As well as being based on a more modern technology, it will also automatically fix some obscure classes of bugs like browser views obscuring components and even the -XstartOnFirstThread hack that’s needed for SWT/Carbon.

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