Glassfish + OSGi + Equinox + Eclipse = Good Job Sun

Glassfish v3 Prelude was launched today.  Check out the Aquarium site for all the links and details.

Three things that I think are great to see:

  1. The Glassfish team seems to be very committed to OSGi.  The key new feature in v3 seems to be the fact they support OSGi.  Besides SpringSource, it seems Glassfish is another application server that is treating the OSGi component architecture as an important future feature for their users.
  2. Glassfish  comes bundled with Felix.  Sure it would have been nice if they chose Equinox, but they do seem to be committed to supporting other OSGi runtimes, including Equinox.
  3. Obviously Sun is pushing NetBeans as the IDE for building Glassfish apps.  However they are also documenting and supporting Eclipse as an IDE for Glassfish.

It is great to see Sun reaching out into the Eclipse community.  Good job Sun!

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