EclipseME and Eclipse MTJ Working Together

The Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) just made available their new 0.9 release.  Congratulations to the project team for finished their first major release.

The major thing about this release is the collaboration between the EclipseME project and Eclipse MTJ. As many of you may know, EclipseME, under the leadership of Craig Setera, has been delivering since 2003 a great set of Eclipse-based tools for Java ME developers.    Earlier this year, Craig announced that EclipseME was going become the official implementation of Eclipse MTJ.  Moving forward the MTJ project was going to take the latest version of EclipseME and use it as the code base.

The first result of this collaboration is MTJ 0.9.  Existing EclipseME users will have an easy upgrade path and the EclipseME and Eclipse MTJ projects will work together to further the development of Eclipse based JavaME tools.

This has been a great win for the community and demonstrates the power of open source collaboration. Congratulations to Craig and the entire MTJ project team.