Is Smalltalk Cool Again?

A number of people in the Eclipse community have roots to Smalltalk; for instance I was the ENVY/Developer marketing guy at OTI.  When people talk about the glory days of Smalltalk, some people can get all teary-eyed.  I long for the days of ENVY config. maps.

So when I read on twitter that Mark Driver from Gartner did a blog post Remember Smalltalk?, I was interested.    Mark is one of the lead Application Development analysts at Gartner.  He is out there talking to lots of enterprise users.  Therefore, I find it fascinanting that he is seeing momentum around Smalltalk.  He even goes as far as to say ‘Smalltalk is cool again’.   That is really cool to hear.

5 Responses to Is Smalltalk Cool Again?

  1. That guy is so wrong. “Smalltalk is cool again”. Right.

    We all know, Smalltalk has ALWAYS been cool. What’s with this “again” shite?

  2. Donald Smith says:

    *digs out “will override doesNotUnderstand: for food” shirt*

    Drat. Too small. Apparently I overrode doesNotUnderstand too much in my youth and hence had too much food. 🙂

    – Don

  3. Eric Rizzo says:

    Cool news. Like Donald, I’ll have to go dig out an old shirt; but mine says “all:objects all:theTime” 🙂

  4. Ed Merks says:

    There’s something about Smalltalk that seems to leave an indelible mark on its victims. I imagine it’s similar to the scar that the smallpox vaccine left on so many people. Note the “small” similarity? For some reason, the smallpox vaccine refused to scar me, even despite a second attempt!

  5. Adrian Cho says:

    Great. Now I can get back to programming.

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