Help Organize an Eclipse DemoCamp

We are running a new series of Eclipse DemoCamps in November.  The DemoCamps have proven to be a very popular way for local Eclipse communities to meet and show-off cool Eclipse technology.  For instance, as pointed out by Jacek, the Poles love their DemoCamps.

Organizing a DemoCamp is pretty easy: 1) find a location, typically a pub/bar or restaurant, 2) add the location information to the DemoCamp wiki, 3) encourage your friends and collaegues to present and/or attend, 4) have fun meeting new people during the DemoCamp.   More details can be found here.

btw, for those local to Ottawa we will be having another DemoCamp in Ottawa.  I am hoping to find a place the last week of November.  Sign-up now if you want to be a presenter.