Collaborating on Open Source and Open Standards at Eclipse

Eclipse is proving to be a great community and platform for organizations to collaborate on implementing standards.   There are lots of example but today there happened to be two announcements that highlight this theme.

CA and IBM have announced they will be demonstrating support and interoperability for the CMDB Federation standard; a standard for system management data.  How are they providing this support?  CA and IBM are collaborating on a common implementation for the standard in the Eclipse COSMOS project.  By having both companies work together on a common implementation, they get to market faster and have fewer interoperability issues.  Win win for all.

In a completely different industry, automotive, the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) group is providing a standard set of Eclipse based tools to make it easier for the automotive sector to implement the STAR standard.  Another great example of using open source to help drive the adoption of standard.

Feel freee to send me other examples of industry groups using Eclipse as a platform for collaboration.