And the winners are…

The winners of the Ganymede Around the World blogging contest have been announced.   Congratulation to Vincenzo Cappello of Corbetta, Italy for his review of CDT.  For his efforts he wins a new Eclipse jacket and a pass to EclipseCon or Eclipse Summit Europe.   I particularly like his introduction ‘I [have] never see an IDE like this for Linux.

The other winners were Emiel van Rooijen fromAmsterdam, Netherlands and Kazimierz Pogoda from Szczecin, Poland.

Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone that blogged about Ganymede!

4 Responses to And the winners are…

  1. IgoruS says:

    Interesting article.
    Thank you
    And how to subscribe to RSS?

  2. kapo says:

    Yeah…I win!!! Thank you so much. I am so honored.

  3. Has the t-shirt for participants sent? I haven’t received mine.

  4. Ian Skerrett says:

    All the t-shirts have been sent. We will check on the status of yours.

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