Check Out Ganymede Around the World

In the last month, lots of people have downloaded Ganymede.  What is also nice to see is people talking about their Ganymede experiences on the Ganymede Around the World map.   For example:

Krishnakumar Pooloth from Bangalore, India


Stephen Egan from Melbourne, Australia who is using RCP, RAP, EMF & BIRT for sustainable urban development assessment at CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

And blogs from around the world, like:

Eko Kurnaiwan Khannedy in Subang, Indonesia who wrote Great Ganymede Actually i use NetBeans for my enterprise project, buat when i use Ganymede, i have a great experience, so now i use genymede to develope my enterprise project!!!

Peng Zhang, Beijing, China Thoughts about Eclipse Ganymede(and Eclipse)

Tomorrow is the last day to enter our Ganymede Around the World blogging contest. We have over 50 reviews submitted for the contest, so if you have something to say about your experiences with any of the projects in the Ganymede release, now is the time to do it. For your effort, we will send you a very nice Eclipse shirt.

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