Videos from Eclipse Day at the Googleplex

The videos from the Eclipse Day at the Googleplex event have now been posted on YouTube.

Thanks again to the Google Open Source office for making these recordings available.


Eclipse @ eBay (the first couple of minutes is an introduction by myself but then Michael Galpin starts talking)

How Mylyn Changes the Way I Develop

Tools Make the Difference: GWT in Eclipse

Plug-in Development Tips and Tricks

Wiring Hacker Synapses

2 thoughts on “Videos from Eclipse Day at the Googleplex

  1. This is an excellent resource. Thanks Ian and Google. Looks like somebody put a lot of effort into editing the videos also, transitioning between the slides and the speaker etc… very slick, I wish I knew how to do that.

    Do you know if the talks from the smaller room were videoed as well?

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