Global System Integrators Participation in Open Source

Matt Assay recently covered the Accenture / SpringSource announcement about Spring Batch.  Matt is absolutely correct in pointing out that the real news is that Accenture is actively and publically helping to support SpringSource in the project.  This is really great news and I hope to see more.

However, the question is how can open source projects engage with the large Global SI’s, like Accenture, IBM Global Services, EDS, etc. Like Matt, we know they are big users of Eclipse but there are not many examples of them participating in Eclipse  (btw, there might be but I can’t think of any now).  I think a closer partnership would be a win-win for both Eclipse and these organizations.   It would increase participation, drive additional innovation for enterprise users and drive down costs.   So how can we get more of these organizations involved?  Any thoughts/comments would be welcome.