Ganymede Hype Machine Ready to Roll

The Ganymede release is less than three weeks away, so it is time to crank up the Ganymede hype marketing machine. As usual, we are trying a mix of community outreach, press and analyst outreach and promotion of the specific projects. Here are some of the key things:

1. We want you to tell everyone what you think about Ganymede. Therefore we are announcing Ganymede Around the World, a contest to give away Eclipse SWAG to those people who help promote Ganymede by writing blogs, creating screencasts, recording podcasts or just identifying yourself as a Ganymede users on the Ganymede Around the World map.

2. Another series of Eclipse Demo Camps are being organized. Events have been organized in 27 cities around the world, including the Eclipse Day at the Googleplex (which btw is full but you can still put your name on a waiting list). The first Demo Camps start tomorrow June 7 in Bangalore and June 9 in Dallas. Bangalore also seems to have the most people signed up to attend but I am sure places like Sofia and Hamburg will via for the largest Demo Camp. I also hope to see a lot of people at the Ottawa Demo Camp.

3. We have created a ‘Ganymede is Coming‘ banner that you can link to on your web site or blog to help promote Ganymede. btw, if you do link to this banner, why not add yourself to the Ganymede Around the World map.

4. I’ve decided to write the Ganymede press release on the Eclipse Wiki. Each year I tend to poll the project leaders for their advice on what are the key new features. This year I would like to get everyone’s input, so if you think there is a new feature that should be included in the press release, feel free to add it. Depending on how things go, I might have to do some editing but I am hoping this will be a collaborative community effort.

5. In conjunction with some of the project committers we are organizing a series of project videos. The goal is to have 15-25 videos that highlight the new features in the different projects. We did a pilot set of three videos showing Mylyn, BIRT and the new Ecore Tools. We hope to roll these out during the month of July.

6. Finally, thanks to Nick Boldt for organizing the great Ganymede Movie Poster contest. I hope we get to see a lot more submissions. Some of these are just too funny. Great job Nick!

3 thoughts on “Ganymede Hype Machine Ready to Roll

  1. @Scott: yeah, we really should be nicer to the MPAA and the RIAA. Without them I’d have nothing to watch while my builds compile… 🙂

    @Nikos: I have a few for the Eclipse Modeling Project, if you’d like them, but they’re only 16×12 or 14×10, not 19×12.

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