’s Open Source Virtual Panel

In the past couple of weeks, I have noticed is doing a great job highlighting and educating their readers on open source software.

They just published the results of a reader survey about open source adoption in the enterprise which showed 53% are using open source today in their organizations and not surprisingly the primary uses are:

Among those currently employing open-source solutions, the primary uses are operating systems such as Linux (78 percent), infrastructure applications, such as back-end databases and Web servers (74 percent), and software development tools like Eclipse (61 percent).

This week is also running a live blogging panel on enteprise open source that includes participation of open source experts like our very own Mike Milinkovich. The concept is that moderator, Esther Schindler, asks a question and the panel of experts respond in the comments. It should make for some interesting commentary.

Finally, also published an article written by myself called ‘Using Open Source Innovation Networks to Drive Collaborative Software Development‘. In the article I try to explain how and why enterprise IT shops should consider to participate in open source projects to drive forward industry specific projects.

Overall, I think it is great is adding this focus.  It can only help to educate IT management on possibilities of using open source software.