Thoughts on JavaOne 2008

Just finishing up this years edition on JavaOne. Some thoughts…

  • JavaFX was definitely the main message from Sun. The Sun keynote was full of JavaFX demos showing spinning pictures. It reminded me of 1998 spinning Java logos in applets. Sun appears to want to go head to head with Adobe and Microsoft for the hearts and minds of designers and web programmers. Unlike Cote, I think they are too late and I am not sure anyone really cares about JavaFX.
  • JavaOne is usually full of announcements from the major vendors, this year was the exception. In fact the Sun and Oracle keynotes were non-events; kind of boring.
  • One thing that was very surprising to me is that there was little discussion about openJDK and open source Java. Last year it was all about open source Java. I know Sun is still committed to openJDK, it was just surprising the absence of discussion.
  • OSGi did really well at JavaOne. Lots of people were clearly interested but most people have no idea. We still have a long way to go to educate people about Equinox and OSGi but things have started.
  • The Eclipse party at the Thirsty Bear was a great success. Thanks to everyone that came.
  • I also went to the eBay party. eBay is a huge Eclipse user and they are doing some neat things. btw, eBay is looking to hire some Eclipse experts. If you are interested send me an e-mail.
  • Once again we gave out 750 t-shirts at the Eclipse booth. Thanks to everyone that came by the booth. It is great to hear from all the enthusiastic Eclipse users. See you next year.

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