Ganymede Launch Plans

I am starting to work on the launch plans for Ganymede.   I have a lot of respect and admiration (especially their graphics) for the way Mozilla promotes Firefox, so it was great to see Paul Kim blogging about their plans for Firefox 3.

I agree with Paul, that having a mix of traditional pr activities and grassroots outreach activities is important.   For the Ganymede launch we will do some traditional pr outreach and for grassroot outreach we are planning a new series of Demo Camps, a blogging network similar to last year and I hope a series of videos about each project.   What else should we be doing to launch Ganymede?

btw, if anyone wants to help with graphics for Ganymede, we have opened a bug to solicit ideas.

2 thoughts on “Ganymede Launch Plans

  1. Good luck with your launch Ian – happy to share the marketing planning documentation we’ve created over the years for Firefox, just let me know. (And as I write this realizing it’s probably time to just post this stuff publicly :-).

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