Eclipse Sessions at JavaOne

JavaOne is in two weeks.  Once again, the Eclipse Foundation will have a booth, be giving away Eclipse t-shirts and having our party at the Thirsty Bear. Besides free Eclipse SWAG and beer, there are also some interesting Eclipse related sessions at JavaOne:

  • The Many Moons of Eclipse, Tuesday, May 6 12:10pm – 1:10pm (TS-5040)
  • Introducing eBay’s Scalable Innovation Platform, Tuesday, May 6 3:20pm – 4:20pm (TS-7550)
  • Developing JavaTM Persistence API Applications with the NetBeansTM IDE and EclipseLink Tuesday, May 6 4:40pm – 5:40pm (TS-5400)
  • Developing and Supporting a Plug-in for Eclipse, the NetBeansTM IDE, and IDEA
    Tuesday, May 6 8:30pm – 9:20pm (BOF-5193)
  • The NetBeansTM Platform Compared to the Eclipse Rich Client Platform
    Thursday, May 8 9:30am – 10:30am (TS-4895)
  • Using a QVT Approach to Automate a UML2 to J2EE Transformation
    Thursday, May 8 9:30am – 10:30am (TS-7466)
  • Mylyn: Code at the Speed of Thought
    Thursday, May 8 10:50am – 11:50am (TS-6421)
  • Open Source Development Tools for the JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition, Web 2.0, and SOA
    Thursday, May 8 4:10pm – 5:10pm (TS-7479)
    Friday, May 9 2:50pm – 3:50pm (TS-7479) **** I wonder if this is an error since it has two time slots but the same session id?
  • Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, Friday, May 9 1:30pm – 2:30pm (TS-5555)

btw, whomever designs the JavaOne conference site should really think about making it easy to link directly to the sessions. I tried but it didn’t really seem possible.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Sessions at JavaOne

  1. Hi Ian,
    Would you please let me know where to find the slide of this session?
    Introducing eBay’s Scalable Innovation Platform, Tuesday, May 6 3:20pm – 4:20pm (TS-7550)

    I can’t find it on JavaOne’s website.


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