Open Source Trading Platform

In the theme of vertical open source projects, it is interesting to see Marketcetera’s trading platform. They are providing an open source trading platform for financial institutions. They use Eclipse RCP for the front end order entry application.

I am more and more convinced we will see vendors and end-user organizations developing open source solutions for vertical markets.  I hope we see lots of these types of solutions as Eclipse open source projects.

2 Responses to Open Source Trading Platform

  1. Its pretty nifty. I think once the financial markets revive and companies start replacing the crappy VB and Swing apps (Scottrade elite) RCP will fly. There is another one i have seen but its not this slick

  2. Ian Skerrett says:


    I agree. I’ve already seen RCP replacing VB and Excel apps. Eclipse Trader has been around for a while and it seems to be successful too. Diversity and choice is a great thing.

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