EclipseCon 2008 Demographics

Each year I try to report on the demographics of the EclipseCon attendees; here are the 2007 and 2006 reports. We collect this information when people register for the conference. It is optional, so not everyone responded but we have about 1300 responses.

Years of Experience with Eclipse

Similar to last year, a majority of attendees are experienced Eclipse users with more than 2 years of experience. I also think it is nice to see people with little experience coming to EclipseCon; it is certainly a great learning experience.


Developer, Developer, Developers

For those marketing people that felt a bit out of place, well there was a reason. EclipseCon is a techie show, 66% of respondents were developers or architects. Very similar to last year.


Type of Company

For the first time, we have more people using Eclipse for internal use (40%) than ISVs (37%). In previous years, attendees employed by ISVs were the most prevalent. This might be an indication that Eclipse frameworks, like EMF, Equinox and RCP, are being used more and more by internal IT groups for building applications.

Type of Company

Most Popular Projects

No surprise that JDT continues to be the most popular project but interestingly enough, fewer people actually claimed they were using JDT. However, projects like CDT, Equinox, RCP, EMF, GMF, and others have more people. Obviously lots of people will continue to use JDT but I think this shows people are 1) using more of the frameworks to build their applications, and 2) in general people are using a more diverse set of Eclipse projects. This is great news for the entire Eclipse community.

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  1. This is great news for the community at large. It’s great to see new folks added to the mix. At our DTP BoF session at the conference we had a very animated discussion between newbies and folks adopting/extending DTP for their own purposes and it was great to get that kind of interaction. Thanks for sharing this great data!

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