And the Winnners are…

Tonight we announced the winners of the Eclipse Community Awards. The winners this year represent a great cross-section of the Eclipse community.

In the individual category,

  • Ed Merks, blogger/photographer/modeler extraordinaries won the Top Ambassador
  • Chris Aniszczyk (zx) of PDE fame took the Top Committer
  • Remy Suen, a student at the University of Waterloo exemplifies the true spirit of contribution by his involvement on #eclipse IRC, so it was great to see him win Top Contributor
  • and Eric Rizzo, an independent consultant from Florida shows a similar spirit by answering questions on the eclipse.newcomer newsgroup. For this he was selected as the Top Newcomer Evangelist.

These four are great representatives of everyone who passionately contribute to Eclipse.

In the technology category,

  • Wind River Workbench won the Best Commercial Developer Tool award demonstrating the depth and quality of Eclipse products in the device and embedded market.
  • EclEmma, who was a finalist last year, won the Best Open Source Developer Tool.
  • XMIND 2008 won the Best Commercial RCP Product. XMIND Ltd is based in China and is the first time a Chinese product has won an award.
  • MyTourBook, for the cyclist and GPS enthusiasts, won the Best Open Source RCP project.
  • and finally, Band XI Cyrano won the first ever Best Commercial Equinox Application.

Congratulations to all the winners.   Also special thanks to the companies that donated prizes: Nokia, Motorola, Oracle and Sybase.

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