EclipseCon Preparations

Things are looking great for next week at EclipseCon. Most of my time has been focused on the press outreach but this year I am also moderator two panels.

On the press side, we have finished the pre-briefs of the editors and I look forward to seeing some great stories on Monday. I’ve also been reviewing press releases from member companies.  They are over 20 announcements coming out; a nice mixture new product announcements for start-up and big brand-name companies. It should be a great news week.

For panels, considering the e4 discussion earlier this week, the ‘Building Communities One Contributor at a Time‘ featuring Ed Merks, Doug Schafer, Mik Kersten and Christian Dupuis (from SpringIDE) should be fun; not a shy bunch.  The other panel is Enterprise Open Source: Making the case for companies to create open source projects.  This panel is going to explore how non-traditional ISVs make the case to start an open source project.  An important future part of open source is involving these types of companies, so it will be interesting to learn from some of the pioneers.

On the theme of encouraging participation by enterprise users, I will also be hosting a BOF called ‘How Banks Can Work Together at Eclipse and Open Source’.  I actually wish I called this ‘How Financial Institutions Can…’ but I hope people get the idea.  If you work for a financial institution, I hope you will attend.  The idea is to see if there are common areas of interest where individuals from these organizations could collaborate.

Finally, the blogger party is confirmed for Sunday, 7-9pm in the lobby bar of the Hyatt.   See you there.

3 Responses to EclipseCon Preparations

  1. That blogger party is going to make the 6am Darin run tough…

  2. Ian Skerrett says:

    zx, suck it up princess, sounds like you are getting old. 🙂

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