Open Source Requirements Management at Eclipse

At Eclipse, we have a healthy collection of open source projects that span the entire software lifecycle, including modeling, test, development and even process methodologies.

The one area where no one seemed interested in starting an open source project was requirements management. I was never sure why not but this might be now changing.

A new proposal has been submitted to start the Open Requirements Management Framework (ORMF). Joel Rosi-Schwartz, one of the people proposing the project, has posted a demo of the useme project that will be used as the initial contribution for ORMF. There is also some discussion on the ormf newsgroup.

The ORMF folks are organizing a BOF at EclipseCon, so it will be a great opportunity to discuss the details.  If you are interested in requirements management, this should be a great opportunity to get involved.

One thought on “Open Source Requirements Management at Eclipse

  1. Looks like a really nice approach. Is there any plan to link requirements (use cases) to implementation (code)?

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