Blogger Party at EclipseCon?

EclipseCon is just 3 weeks away, so it is time to organize the annual EclipseCon Blogger Party.   In previous years, we have had the party on Sunday evening in Hyatt lobby bar.   So if you are a blogger and are interested in attending, send me an e-mail or better yet leave a comment, so I can get a sense for how many people will be coming.

If we are lucky, the official photographer of PlanetEclipse will attend and take some shots of the event.

23 thoughts on “Blogger Party at EclipseCon?

  1. +1 though the architecture council is also drinking uhhh, meeting then. Perhaps it will all just be the same thing…

  2. Hmm, Auckland -> Vancouver (14h) – layover (4h) – Vancouver -> SFO (3h) – SFO -> Santa Clara (still haven’t worked that one out)….. drinking at a bar while jetlagged….

    +1 for Jeff, +23 for Ken


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