Sprint Titan Platform Includes Eclipse and OSGi

Nice to see Sprint’s next generation platform embracing Eclipse and OSGi. From the Titan web site:

Titan is a next generation Java platform for Sprint Windows Mobile devices. In addition to supporting existing MIDP Java ME applications, it includes the more capable CDC/Foundation Java Virtual Machine and OSGi framework. This combination provides a powerful platform for dynamic distribution and collaboration of independent software components and applications. Support for the Eclipse embedded Rich Client (eRCP) application model means this platform can run generically written rich GUI applications that can run across a broad range of devices and desktop computers.

Also check out the presentation (ppt format) that describes the technical architecture. It really seems like Eclipse is becoming the pervasive platform for mobile tools.

The Titan tools, which install into the Eclipse IDE, provide best of the breed development and source level debug capabilities for the platform. 3rd party tools are available providing advanced visual development and profiling functionality.

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