OSGi Buzz

For some reason, in the last couple of weeks stories about OSGi and Equinox are popping up everywhere.

Two articles about OSGi were recently published:

In the blogsphere, Carlos Perez named OSGi as one of the Top Five Java Technologies to learn in 2008. Steve Mitchell does a nice blog post to introduce Equinox and OSGi

The SpringSource acquisition of Covalent created a number of blog post about OSGi and Equinox. Rod Johnson talk about the importance of Equinox and OSGi in his announcement of the acquisition. This seemsto have started a conversation about a mainstream OSGi application server and a good old fashion flame war on Serverside.

Finally, James Governor from Redmonk does a great job introducing the concept of a Stackless Stack and the rise of OSGi; which made me think about Eric Newcomer’s, chair of the OSGI Enterprise Work Group, blog posts about a new way of creating software.

Interesting times seem to be coming.
Of course, if you want to read more than just buzz, EclipseCon and the co-located OSGi DevCon are the place to see Equinox and OSGi in action.


Seems like the guys at JBoss are doing interesting stuff with OSGi. Also two other analyst weigh-in; Alex Fletcher and another one picking up on the stackless stack concept.