Eclipse on a Destroyer

Every once in a while, my Google alerts brings up something that makes me say ‘that is kind of cool’.  For instance, today this announcement that a fleet of US Navy destroyers will be using a Java rules engine, called Jesse, that is built on top of Eclipse.

I realize there are lots of rules engines built on top of Eclipse but having Eclipse deployed on a destroyer sounds kind of neat.   I also didn’t realize that Sandia National Labs was doing Eclipse development; kind of cool too.

4 thoughts on “Eclipse on a Destroyer

  1. Jesse is not built on eclipse, there is just an plugin for eclipse for Jesse. Two very different things.

  2. Cool, though I hope they don’t use the Launch framework for anything other than software… there are still a few kinks to work out 😉

  3. Actually I don’t find it that cool that Open Source software is used in/on war machines used to bring suffering and death over children, women and men.

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