Equinox and OSGi Video Series

Michael Cote from Redmonk has been busily producing a series of videos about Equinox, OSGi and the different Eclipse projects that are building on top of Equinox. If you are new to Equinox and OSGi, this series should provide a great introduction.

Video 1 – Jeff McAffer introduces Equinox and Component Oriented Development

Video 2 – Jochen Krause demonstrates how Eclipse RAP can be used to build AJAX applications based on Equinox bundles.

Video 3 – Ricco Deutscher from the Swordfish project provides an interesting overview of how the Swordfish project plans to implement a SOA Runtime that support JBI and SCA running on Equinox.

Video 4 – In this video, Cote talks with Andy Smith from the Eclipse SODA project, a component of the Eclipse OHF project. SODA is a great example of using Equinox to implement dynamic deployment and management of remote devices.

Video 5 – Is an interview with Eric Newcomer, chair of the OSGi Alliance Enterprise Expert Working Group. The work of this OSGi Alliance working group is important for the future adoption of Equinox and OSGi in the enterprise. Therefore, it is interesting to hear Eric’s vision and opinions on this topic.

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