Eclipse DemoCamp Wrap Up

  • Cities hosting DemoCamps: 31
  • Eclipse-based demos: 145
  • Total attendees: 760
  • Longest running event: Poznan Poland over 2 days
  • Most Attendees: 61 in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Number of NetBeans evangelist registered: 1 in Austin   (not sure if Gregg attended)
  • Opportunities to meet other Eclipse enthusiasts: unlimited 🙂

Thank you to all the organizers and participants of the Eclipse DemoCamps. By all accounts they were a great success. The feedback we have received is that this is something we should do again in 2008. Therefore, I think we will try to organize a series around the Ganymede launch and another later in the 2008.

Some other feedback is that people would like to develop regional Eclipse communities. The face to face networking is an important aspect of these DemoCamps and they would like to keep the momentum going. If you have any ideas on what we could to to support local communities, please let me know.

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