Nominations now open for the Eclipse Community Awards

Each year at EclipseCon, the Eclipse Community Awards recognize some of the key individuals and technologies that help make Eclipse such a great community. This year is no different and the nominations for the awards are now open, so we need your help to nominate individuals and technologies. Deadline for nominations is January 25, 2008.

Nominations for individuals is done through a bugzilla entry. There are two categories that are open for nomination: Top Ambassador and Top Committer. The final winner will be determined by a vote of the community. A third category, Most Prolific Newcomer Evagelist, is to recognize the individual that answer the most questions on the newcomer newsgroup.

Nominations for the technology awards is by sending a written nomination to  The winners of these awards is determined by a panel of judges.  There are 6 categories for technology awards:

  1. Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool
  2. Best Open Source Eclipse-Based Developer Tool
  3. Best Commercial Equinox Application
  4. Best Open Source Equinox Application
  5. Best Commercial RCP Application
  6. Best Open Source RCP Application

btw, if you are interested, last years winners and finalist are listed here.

3 thoughts on “Nominations now open for the Eclipse Community Awards

  1. I ask myself why there’s no “Top Contributor Award” this year. Contributors are often people who don’t get paid to work on Eclipse but do it in their sparetime. I think they deserve such an award as much as others.

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