1000 Plugins on EPIC

 We now have 1000 plug-ins listed on EPIC.   This is a significant milestone and we appreciate everyone that has published their products, open source projects and services on EPIC.    I know there are many more Eclipse based products that are not listed on EPIC, so please feel free to add them to the site.

So what was the lucky 1000th plugin?  Xspeaker from Cashware.   Xspeaker is an IDE for the xpeak standard.     A great example of the diversity of the Eclipse ecosystem and especially how prevalent Eclipse is in the device and embedded industry.

3 thoughts on “1000 Plugins on EPIC

  1. Daniel,

    The Eclipse Foundation runs EPIC and I am actually responsible for it. I appreciate you pointing out these things. We will get right on it. Feel free to add other things that you think need some love.

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