Now you can donate to Eclipse

Today, we announced a new program that allows individuals to make financial donations to the Eclipse Foundation. We have hooked up a PayPal account that allows you to use a credit card or PayPal account to make a donation to Eclipse.

We have also started a program called ‘Friends of Eclipse’. For those individuals that donate $35 or more, they will be designated a ‘Friend of Eclipse’ for 12 months. ‘Friends’ will get access to a special mirror site that will hopefully facilitated faster downloads. Friends will also get the privilege of using a special ‘Friend of Eclipse’ logo on their personal blog or web site. Think of it as a friends with benefits…

So why are we doing this? Two main reasons: 1) We at the Foundation would like to do more to support the community, so having additional financial resources will help, and 2) Over the years, people have expressed a desire to make financial donations to show their appreciation and support of Eclipse. This system will now let them do it.

Just to ensure there is no confusion, any donation to the Eclipse Foundation is not considered a charitable donation. Eclipse is not a charity but a not-for-profit organization. Not getting too much into US tax code, this means we can’t issue charitable tax receipts.

This is a new initiative for us, so let us know what you like and dislike. Of course if you like it, I hope you will make a donation and show your support.

7 thoughts on “Now you can donate to Eclipse

  1. Ian, would it be possible to have this logo directly available in several different sizes? I’d like one a bit smaller to put in my blog profile.

  2. I would like it so it doesn’t look jagged on my blog home page. The link on my name will take you there. I think something not much over 200 pixels wide would be good.

  3. How about a couple sizes… one of the sizes similar to the logos on the planet?

    Another one could be similar in size to those “I’m speaking at EclipseCon” logos.

  4. I’ve created a 200px and 160px wide versions of the logo. Login to the friends of eclipse page and they should be displayed for you.

    As for making one thats the same size as the planet image, its way too small to maintain the overall look that were after.

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