Eclipse DemoCamp Are Ready To Roll

Based on my initial post, we now have Eclipse DemoCamps being organized in 14 cities around the world, including Budapest, Beijing, Sofia, Chicago, Ottawa, Palo Alto, Toronto and others.

The goal of the DemoCamps is to organize local events where individuals can show off the interesting things they are doing with Eclipse and also have an opportunity to meet other Eclipse users in your city. Each city has a wiki site where you can see the details and also sign up to attend and/or demo. btw, some cities are still working on the details of the date and location but feel free to sign-up to show your interest.

If there isn’t a DemoCamp in your city, we are still looking for more organizers, so why not consider organizing one.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse DemoCamp Are Ready To Roll

  1. I an in BayArea of CA and i dont see anyone organizing. I looked into the wiki and i got to know that as i am not a eclipse commiter or a fondation comapny member i can not organize it.
    Is there any way you can help eclipse enthusiasts and not members of eclipse ?

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