Sun Joins OSGi Alliance

Earlier this week, I received a copy of the quarterly OSGi newsletter, including an interesting tibit about new members of the OSGi Alliance:

In the time since my last e-mail to members, the OSGi Alliance has welcome two new members. One of the, Sun Microsystems, is a previous (and actually founding) member, and the other, SAP, is brand new to the OSGi Alliance.  I welcome both of them and look forward to their participation and contributions to the OSGi Alliance.  In fact, both of these organizations have nominated candidates for the OSGi board — 

Nice to see SAP joining but I was surprised to see Sun joining!   Sure enough Sun is now listed as a member of the OSGi Alliance.  I wonder if this means Sun is warming up to OSGi; I wonder what it means for the future of JSR 277?

2 Responses to Sun Joins OSGi Alliance

  1. Alex Blewitt says:

    It’s not April, is it?

    Seriously, this is big news. Makes me wish I was still editor of a well-known Eclipse site so that I could post it there … ah well.

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