Partnership made easier with Eclipse

Technology partnering has always been an important aspect of the software industry. Customers typically want a ‘complete’ solution and look to their vendors to ensure they work well with each other. IMHO, I think Eclipse has made the partnering process a lot easier and there are two good example of that this week.

Example #1: BEA is now shipping Adobe Flex Builder with their BEA Workshop Studio. They announced this partnership in Sept. and are shipping it now. Pretty cool to see two Eclipse based products quickly integrate and ship a solution for their customers.

Example #2: Interface 21 and Tasktop are working together to integrate Mylyn into the upcoming Spring Tool Suite. Two other vendors working together to provide a more complete solution for their customers.

Eclipse has changed a lot in the software industry; a simplified partnering process seems to be one aspect that vendors are taking advantage of.

5 Responses to Partnership made easier with Eclipse

  1. Thanks for letting people know about the Tasktop and Spring-IDE work… I swear… Mik is the worst blogger ever 😉

  2. Mik Kersten says:

    Chris, you’re just saying that because I put out the “Platfrom for Innovation, Part 1” on May 30th and have yet to blog Part 2. Oh, right, that probably does make me the worst blogger ever 😉

    All prose and no code make Mik a dull boy
    All prose and no code make Mik a dull boy
    All prose and no code make Mik a dull boy
    All prose and no code make Mik a dull boy

    But OK, I get the hint. I will make sure to take some time away from coding this week in order to give a more personal angle on this very exciting partnership. And Part 2 to the “Platform for Innovation” is coming too 😉

  3. ianskerrett says:

    In fairness to Mik I can probably name worse bloggers but it would be nice to see more prose from the Mylyn team. 🙂

  4. […] between Tasktop Technologies and Interface21 (ADT, Dr. Dobbs, JDJ, InfoWorld). Chris Aniszczyk has rightly criticized me for not letting the Eclipse community know more about it, so I’ll take this opportunity to tell […]

  5. […] SAP also announced they purchased a Business Rules Management System company called Yasu Technology. Taking a look at their technical specification, it seems their products are build on-top of Eclipse. Seems like another great example of Eclipse enabling partnerships and acquisitions. […]

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