Eclipse DemoCamps

Bjorn’s recent blog titled “Why Our Technology Is Not Enough” got me thinking that we need to encourage more face-to-face meetings of local Eclipse enthusiasts. Yes, we have the big conferences like Eclipse Summit Europe, Eclipse World, OS Summit Asia, EclipseCon, etc. but not everyone can go to those events; they also happen just once a year.

Last year we had the 5th birthday parties, so this year I was thinking that it might be fun to have a series of local Eclipse DemoCamps. The idea would be to organize a series of local meetings that feature individuals showing off the cool stuff they are building with Eclipse.

I still need to work out the details but if you think you might be interested in helping organize an event in your city, send me an e-mail or leave a comment. The Eclipse Foundation will likely help sponsor the refreshments, so the organizer would need to find a location, a projector (for the demos) and help promote the event locally. Finally, since the Foundation would be providing sponsorship, the organizer will need to be an Eclipse committer or an employee of a member company.

5 thoughts on “Eclipse DemoCamps

  1. Interesting thought. I could help organize something for the Toronto area. I could either get space here at the lab, or get some space at U of Toronto downtown via my Eclipse-using faculty connections.

    I have another interesting idea along these lines that I’ll blog about in a second… stay tuned.

  2. Hi,

    what’s the chance of extending this into December or maybe even January 2008? November is kind of a short notice to pull such an event together. If possible we’d be willing to do a DemoCamp in Hamburg, Germany.


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