Eclipse for Linux Developers

SD Times just did a special report titled ‘Can Linux Get a Lift from Eclipse‘.   Hmm, not sure about the title but the report is pretty decent and the general conclusion is that Eclipse is ideally suited for cross platform development; native, hard core Linux developers will probably stay with vi and emacs.

I tend to agree and it is timely to see Adobe announce an alpha release of their Flex Builder for Linux.   Another great example of a company using Eclipse for cross platform development.

btw, SD Times had a companion piece about Eclipse in the Embedded Linux community.

One thought on “Eclipse for Linux Developers

  1. I question whether Linux developers stay with vi/emacs. We get 20% of the CDT downloads for Linux versus 76% for Windows (Mac gets the other 4). That’s a pretty big number. And it doesn’t include those using the CDT that comes with most Linux distributions these days.

    And we are seeing a lot of interest from people doing development on both Windows and Linux. Being able to use the same IDE on both platforms is a big selling point of Eclipse.

    The popularity of Eclipse in general on Linux depends on the popularity of Linux as a desktop platform for developers. The CDT community, many of who started in Unix’es like Solaris, see the value of Linux. I’m sure the Java/Web Enterprise developers are still wondering though.

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