Busy week for Eclipse related announcements

In addition to our PDT 1.0 announcement there were two other Eclipse related announcements that I find very interesting.

1) CodeGear has announced their 3rdRails Ruby IDE.   Ruby continues to be a hot language and from the initial feedback, CodeGear has done a great job on their support.  btw, I love the name.  🙂

2) IBM announced that they are making their office productivity tools, called Lotus Symphony, freely available.  Lotus Symphony is based on Eclipse RCP, so I thought it was interesting to see the experience of this Eclipse developer looking at Lotus Symphony.   I do wonder why IBM did not actually open source Symphony; that would have been very cool.

2 Responses to Busy week for Eclipse related announcements

  1. In the interest of self-promotion 🙂 what do you think of these announcements?


    Subversion support in Eclipse is about to get a whole lot better, and also the reach of Mylyn has been extended to some new issue trackers, including those on several major open source community sites.


  2. ianskerrett says:


    I am really glad you posted. I realized about 60 minutes after I hit ‘publish’ that I forgot the Collabnet announcements.

    I think it is very cool. We really need to improve our Subversion support and I so gald you guys are helping do it.

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