Stupid Marketing Trick #1

Sun has decided to rename their stock ticker from SUNW to JAVA.   These types of announcements really give the marketing profession a bad reputation.  The comments on Johnathan Schwartz blog are pretty brutal.  The Sun marketing folks really need to give their heads a good shake.

More seriously I think this comment, reflects a more important concern.  Sun has always claimed they were the steward of the Java community, now they seem to say they are Java.   I tend to think, and I think a lot of other people think so too, that Java is much more than Sun.  The power of Java is the community and the community has built Java into a successful brand; not a single vendor called Sun.

After all Sun’s efforts has made towards open source, I still have my doubts that they really understand how to nurture an open community.  Lets just hope this is a stupid marketing gimmick and not a trend.

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