New EPIC Home Page

We have just launched a new version of the EPIC home page.   The focus was making it easier to navigate the plug-in catalog and place less emphasis on the news section.   We also introduced a new banner, similar to the Eclipse Live style.  You might notice too the icons in the top right hand corner that provides easy navigation to, Eclipse Live and PlanetEclipse.  We are planning to roll out new banners for most of our web sites over the next weeks.

I hope you like the new home page.   Feel free to leave comments here or for detailed feedback open a bug.

2 thoughts on “New EPIC Home Page

  1. The left sidebar is a nice add-on.

    However one thing I would like to see on EPIC is the ability to quickly differentiate between commercial and free plug-ins

    Especially for top rated and most active plugin list on the home page, I would like to see the top rated open source/free plugin as well as the top rated commerical plugin.

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