Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of hosting in Ottawa Kazumi Ohgata and Motoki Mori from NEC Soft in Japan.   NEC Soft’s VALWAY Technology Center is developing an interesting tool to make it easier to build RCP applications, called Jalcedo.  During our meeting we discussed the market for RCP tools, the success of Eclipse in Japan and we received a demo of Jalcedo.   A couple of thoughts:

  • Mori-san showed us a market survey of developer tools in Japan.  It clearly showed Eclipse and Visual Studio were the only two dominant tools.  The interesting thing was that for large organizations, Eclipse was by far the leader; Visual Studio was more dominant in smaller organizations.
  •  NEC is interested in receiving feedback on their Jalcedo tool.   If you are doing RCP development you might go take a look.

3 thoughts on “Jalecedo

  1. Jalecedo looks interesting, the documentation is scant on the website though. I would be interested to see what improvements could be made to PDE based on what limitations they are addressing.

  2. Chris,

    I think one thing that’s good to see here is them addressing the question of how to use Editors to edit non-file resources. For example in a business application you often want to edit an entity such as a Customer or an Account, which you access through DAOs on a J2EE server. It’s not particularly obvious how to do that through the Editor framework.


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