Europa Videos with Redmonk

Cote from Redmonk is doing a series of videocasts about some of the Eclipse projects involved in Europa. He is interviewing Eclipse project leaders, as they give a demo of what’s new in their project release. The goal is to combine podcasts and webinars concepts to bring to life what is new in some of the Eclipse Europa projects.

The first two demos are out now. Jeff McAffer demos that new server services in Equinox and Virgil Dodson demos what is new in BIRT. There are three more coming. Of course all of these will be listed on Eclipse Live. If you are interested in keeping up to date, subscribe to the Eclipse Live RSS feed.

This is the first time we have done these types of videos. I am interested in people’s feedback on the concept. Should we do more in the future?

5 thoughts on “Europa Videos with Redmonk

  1. Great idea, but these particular videos are so low quality for screencasts that I don’t really see the point in watching them. I watched about 10 seconds of the screencast by Jeff McAffer, then left because I COULDN’T SEE anything (besides that it was probably Eclipse).

  2. Did you try the larger versions listed at the bottom of the post? The Flash embeds are hard to see, but I my intention was that the larger versions would be visible for following along in detail.

  3. And, if the large versions don’t work, I’ll up bigger versions for the existing two and publish that same size for the remaining 3 screencasts.

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