Jane, you ignorant ….,

I’ve always wanted to start a blog with that famous line and this recent opinion piece from eWeek, Is Open Source Dying, is a perfect reason. It is clear that the writer is either:

1) Naive about open source software.

2) Writing piffy headlines to get attention.

3) Just got briefed by someone that doesn’t like Linux, ODF and IBM.

Me thinks it is probably all three. Oh well, it would not surprise me if we don’t see more of these types of articles.

5 thoughts on “Jane, you ignorant ….,

  1. Two points, first, anyone under 30 won’t get the Jane Curtain/Dan Ackroyd reference. It was a classic, though.

    Second, I actually agree with the point the author is trying to make. Open source is dying in the business community in the areas the author is talking about, on the desktop. Actually, it was never alive. Open Office, is still pretty horrible, and Linux desktops are still really klunky. I can see why IT managers would drag their feet in the face of a manadated transition. It certainly isn’t by choice of the people who get stuck with this stuff.

  2. Doug,

    I know I am dated myself by the reference to the quote, hence my linking to an explanation. I just had to use it thou.

    My problem is that author is equating OS = Open Office and Linux. This is just not true and IMO shows naivety of OS.

  3. I’ll agree with that. All open source projects pay the price of perception from our bigger brethren in Linux-land.

    I actually think the Linux community has a lot that they could learn from the Eclipse community. But to be successful, Linux needs commercial contributions and co-ordinated processes, the things that are making Eclipse a very successful open source project. And I think from listening to Linus, he’d agree. Unfortunately, there is too much politics in Linux-land and insufficient focus on building quality software.

  4. heh. I appreciated the reference between I happened to see the line riffed on in a novel last week and didn’t realise till I saw the blog headline that it was a reference! so, y’know, the under-30 set can still be skooled 😉

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