China is now #1 in Eclipse downloads

Thanks to Donald we are harvesting some pretty interesting information from our download stats. Over the last 6 months we have noticed a gradual uptake in downloads from China. I was expecting that by the end of 2007 China would surpass the USA as being the number one country.

Well it happened at lot faster, it now seems China has become the number one country in terms of Eclipse SDK downloads.

Download Stats for SDK

One thing this points to is the importance of a conference like OS Summit Asia. There is a large growing Eclipse community in China, so this conference should be well received.

btw, if you are a project committer what better reason to submit a proposal for a session. A great opportunity to connect with your user community.

4 Responses to China is now #1 in Eclipse downloads

  1. Denis says:

    It’s too bad that we only have one mirror site in China, but I can’t seem to find any decent mirror sites to sollicit.

  2. Tonny Madsen says:


    where can I find this information? I have bug 187968 open on this issue.


  3. ianskerrett says:


    Here is a link to the presentation Mike gave at the recent members meeting. It provides a bit more detail.

  4. […] for a good mirror in China As a follow-up to my post about China being our #1 country for downloads, Denis made the point that we have only one mirror in China; thanks to […]

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