How big is the Europa release?

In the process of collecting stats for the Europa release I was referred to a really cool web site called It essentially collects stats on open source projects. Most of the 21 projects in Europa, last count 16 of the 21, are listed on Ohloh so I built a stack that represents Europa.

So according to Ohloh, Europa has;

  • 17 million LOC,
  • 290 contributors,
  • 5055 person years of effort, and 
  • $278,041,377 estimated cost of development.

Of course we are missing 5 projects but I think the Platform numbers are high, so I think the 17 million LOC is pretty accurate.  The $278 million number is also a pretty impressive number.

Besides the metrics, I find the concept of a ‘stack’ pretty interesting.  It allows people to define what open source software they use and then recommends other software they might want to use, based on other peoples stacks.  An interesting way to determine what is popular and what works together.

If Ohloh does get some traction I think it could be a great value to the Eclipse and open source community.

5 thoughts on “How big is the Europa release?

  1. And I think the dollar number is low. I assume you left it at $55K. Loaded labor rate, at least in North America, is around $150K. At any rate, it’s a great economic message for those who are considering adopting Eclipse. It’s a huge investment that they can leverage for no money down…

  2. …and DSDP seems to missing in the equation….

    I must say I find those numbers scary! I love small and powerful systems.

    Like — 65k LOC for a full fledged SQL database. The eclipse version would be at least 500k LOC

    Its obvious that the 290 contributors did do the 5055 person years of effort, because that means 17 years full-time work for 290 contributors. There’s a lot of code that has been “given” to eclipse.

    I think 18 million LOC is nothing to be proud of. There’s a lot of dead code.
    I’m sure this could be done in 2-4 million LOC…


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