Announcing OS Summit Asia

I am pleased to announce a new open source conference for the Eclipse community, called OS Summit Asia. The conference is scheduled for Nov. 26-30 and will be located in Hong Kong.

The really exciting thing for me is that this conference is being organized as a collaboration between the Eclipse Foundation and the Apache Software Foundation. The goal is to have lots of Apache and Eclipse specific content, plus content that deals with using technology from both communities. I think this will make for a really interesting mixture of sessions and I expect OS Summit Asia will become a major open source conference for the region.

The Call for Papers is now open and will close July 13, 2007. I’d like to encourage people to send in proposals and especially Eclipse people located in the region. btw,  the conference organizers will help cover some of the travel costs for speakers, so if you are traveling from Europe or NA it might make it easier for you to attend. See the cfp for details.

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