Help Wanted: Test the new download page and packages

Something we would like to accomplish during the Europa release is to make it easier for our user community to download Eclipse. The existing download model requires you to start with the SDK and then start adding projects and features. However, for the millions of Eclipse users the SDK is a bit of overkill, if you are really just are using Eclipse as a Java IDE. Or if you want to use Eclipse as a C/C++ IDE it is not that obvious what to download when you visit our download page.

To improve on the situation, there are two related activities on the go: First and most important is the Eclipse Packaging Project. They have defined four user profiles and packages, including: 1) Java Developer, 2) JEE Developer, 3) C/C++ Developer and 4) RCP/Plugin Developer.

The second activity is a new download page. Nathan has created a draft version and opened a bug soliciting feedback. The new download page maps to the four user profiles, so you can use this page to actually test out the new packages. See, I told you they were related. 🙂

Feedback is key here. Please take the time to download the packages and provide feedback to the EPP project via bugzilla. We really need help testing to make sure these packages are solid and something we want distributed to the entire Eclipse community.

Feel free to leave a general comment here but please don’t leave detailed feedback; use bugzilla.

11 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Test the new download page and packages

  1. The update on gmf & emf seems will failed on eclipse 3.3,
    I haven’t tested the latest one, but any version before eclipse 3.3-rc2 failed on updating gmf & emf (with Europa), any idea?

  2. One thing that would be very helpful is the ability to easily download project packages on a single site to perform an offline instalation. For instance, one might grab the installer for the basic Java IDE, BIRT, WTP and TPTP to install it on several machines.

    I don’t know if the EPP project has already considered this use case.

  3. I use to get different distributions for different uses. has different distributions for Java Desktop/Mobile/EE development, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python and C/C++ development.
    I couldn’t get the Eclipse plugins at work, so I found this site. It might be possible to cooperate with them.

    Regards, Thomas

  4. I would love to see the option of a proper installer rather than just a zip file. Go ahead and still offer a zip, but a proper installer is something that would make the task easier on those who are new to Eclipse or don’t enjoy software configuration 😉

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