Help Us Promote the Eclipse Europa Release

Thanks to Roger Dudler we now have a spiffy new Europa graphic. Right now the graphic is linked to our Europa page that features a countdown to June 29, the day of the Europa release.

The Next Total Eclipse

If you would like to help promote the Europa release, we have a ‘Friends of Europa‘ page that allows you to link to the Europa graphic. In fact to encourage people to help us promote Europa, I suggest a small contest. The first 5 people to link to this graphic from their blog or web site, I will send them a nice new Eclipse shirt. Either leave a link here to your blog as a comment here or send me an e-mail. (ian at eclipse dot org).

11 Responses to Help Us Promote the Eclipse Europa Release

  1. Daniel Beck says:

    First!!! 🙂
    see my blog at

    Eclipse Europa is really cool. I’m impatiently awaiting the 29.

  2. Second! I missed out on one at JavaOne, great to get a second chance. 🙂

  3. ianskerrett says:

    Looks like we have the five; make that six, including three people who e-mailed me.. Daniel, Peter and David can you please e-mail me your address, phone number and shirt size.

    Thanks to everyone for help promote Europa. I hope people will still link to the graphic even though the shirts are done. 🙂

  4. What about an Europa wallpaper?

  5. ianskerrett says:

    Please feel free to create a version of the graphic for wallpaper. Sending it in via bugzilla and then we can post it.

    btw, we need it sent via bugzilla since everything submitted via bugzilla falls under the EPL.

  6. Lars Ködderitzsch says:

    I am having troubles getting the flash animation displayed on IE6/7, Opera and Firefox both work fine.
    I filed this bug:

  7. ianskerrett says:


    Thanks for mentioning this and opening the bug. I will try to get it addressed.

  8. i’m waiting for europa release to update some open source and not eclipse RCPs

  9. […] found that is marketing the Eclipse project. Today, I was catching up on articles there and found a post about Europa and the upcoming release. A little late to the game but I found this graphic for the new release and wanted to share. […]

  10. […] Promote Europa Part 2: Write a Review; Win a Shirt Thanks to everyone that has linked to the Europa graphic.  It is helpful to getting the word […]

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