What is cool in Europa?

June is Europa month. Denis is getting the IT infrastructure ready and I need to get started on the press plans. I am interested in the communities opinion on what is cool in the Europa release. Is there a new project or new feature that you think will be a big thing for the Eclipse community?

Some of my favourites include DLTK and their Ruby support, Mylar is always cool :-), SWT support for Vista and WPF, some of the new server side services in Equinox, and there seems to be a lot of interest in SOA Tools.

What do you think? I would ideally like to get 5-7 key cool new projects or themes that we highlight at the launch.

5 thoughts on “What is cool in Europa?

  1. I find RSE from DSDP to be pretty cool, especially the ability to edit remote files or the SSH console.

  2. My votes are for CDT v4 and RSE (from DSDP).

    I would also say RAP, but is it in Europa?

  3. ECF is cool. It’s seems pretty hard to get on the cool list for Eclipse unless you are a software development tool or variant thereof. I think as a community we need more non-tools-people (e.g. apps, games, etc).

  4. I have hard time knowing whats Europa, and what it has to do with Eclipse?? like is it a company or Eclipse is developed by Europa, i am trying to know but I think everybody knows what Europa is that no one put information lol

    Anyways, I am a Computer Science Senior and out project which we shared with Andrey Platov (main contributor to DLTK) and got their blessings. We will build on top of DLTK to make to support Rails. They released a stable version last week DLTK Ruby. I like to know the community’s advice and thoughts of this and to listen from experienced people.
    my email is hisham86@aucegypt.edu, hhifnawi@gmail.com


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